Are you a dietitian, RD2B or nutrition student looking to learn more about using a non-diet approach in your counseling?

Curious about the philosophies of Health at Every Size, Intuitive eating, or body positivity? 

Hungry to learn how to help yourself and clients ditch diet culture and fatphobic messages?

These workshops may be exactly what you need!

Sadly, there is still very little time dedicated to teaching intuitive eating, body image, and weight neutral counseling skills in dietetic programs. Many dietitians (both new and experienced) are still unaware that there is an alternative to the weight-centric nutrition talk!

After hearing so many students and dietitians speak to me about their frustration with the traditional "eat this, not that" mentality of the nutrition profession, I have been inspired to host these workshops. 

You can expect a 2-hour workshop that will be hosted once per month (Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec). You will have the chance to hear from an experienced dietitian on a nutrition topic in which they specialize (example, diabetes, eating disorders, picky eating, sports nutrition, etc) followed by a guided discussion, Q & A or panel discussion. 

Topics will vary from one workshop to another and all workshops will share the theme of weight neutral nutrition practices. Stay tuned for a detailed agenda on the speakers and their topics. 

These workshops will be delivered live & in person (in Montreal). A copy of the recorded presentation may be made for purchase online so even if you aren't in the Montreal area, sign up for your chance to be involved.

Details regarding where and when these workshops will be held are being confirmed, so sign up below to be kept in the loop.
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